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Updated: Mar 28, 2023

In Iceland, geothermal energy was first used to heat greenhouses in 1924. The bulk of Iceland's greenhouses are in the south of the country. Geothermal steam is commonly used to boil and disinfect the soil. Because most are glass-enclosed, stable growing material (volcanic scoria, rhyolite) is commonly used on concrete floors with individual plant watering. Not many greenhouses welcome the public for visitors, however those who come to tour the famous Golden Circle, there is a family owned greenhouse farm that welcomes everyone. You will not want to miss out on this hidden gem. Welcome to Friðheimar Friðheimar (Freh-th-hey-mar) greenhouse and farm is a perfect stop for delicious food, refreshments and entertainment. This family own business has cultivated growing tomatoes with the highest quality of taste, growing tomatoes all year round with green energy technology. Listed below are the additional options that can be done while here. Restaurant Dining Have you ever considered eating inside a greenhouse? The restaurant offers a unique dining experience, with tomatoes growing all around you! Its menu includes tomato in everything, a truly fresh culinary experience.

Greenhouse Visit

Guests are recommended to book in advance. You are toured by the staff inside the greenhouse to learn the science behind growing produce in Iceland all year round.

Horse Show It is also recommended to book ahead for this show., which provides entertainment and the history of the beautiful Icelandic horse in a covered outside arena. Following the show, guests are invited to visit the stables, where they can pet the horses and talk with the riders.

We would highly recommend paying a visit to this location while on the Golden Circle, in the South of Iceland.

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