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Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is home to a large number of geothermal pools. Locals have traditionally used these pools to benefit from the health benefits of soaking in these natural hot springs. Such benefits as relaxation, treats eczema, improve bodies circulation and relieves muscle pain. The majority of visitors to the country seek out these pools not for health reasons, but to immerse themselves in the tranquil settings for those perfect wanderlust images.

A geothermal pool is groundwater that is heated by shallow magma bodies or by circulation via faults to hot rock deep under the Earth's crust. The pristine, chemical-free swimming pools and natural hot springs need adherence to a stringent hygiene routine. It is an expectation when going to these locations to requires a full shower with soap and without a swimsuit before entering the pool area. Most locations also have different heated temperature pools and saunas, providing you a variety of options for a relaxing bath.

The following geothermal springs are located on or around the Golden Circle, allowing you to combine a day of touring historical places and locations with a dip in the mineral waters while reflecting on the day.

We provide a transfer for a 2 hour stop at any of the below locations.

​Prior reservations are required ahead, as we do not include the admissions,

you would need to book directly with them.


Bláa Lónið l The Blue Lagoon

Located: Reykjanes Peninsula, Southwest Iceland

37°C and 40°C (98-104°F)

Located: Flúðir, Southwest Iceland

40°C (104°F) and 50°C (122°F)

Gamla Laugin l Secret Lagoon Located: Flúðir, Southwest Iceland

37°C and 40°C (98-104°F)

Located: Kársnes Harbour, Kópavogur, Southwest Iceland

38–40°C (100–104° F)


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