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Private Southern Iceland
Volcano Hike

Private Golden Circle 

Starting in Reykjavik, we take you on an 8 hour adventure through stunning countryside, past old churches and horse farms to some of Iceland's most incredible locations.

Did you know that Konrad Tours is Iceland's first tour operator to use only electric vehicles?

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Starting with pick up in Reykjavik, we head out on an 8 hour adventure through farmlands and stunning countryside, past old churches and horse farms with mountain scenery as the backdrop to some of Iceland's better known and most incredible locations.


Though many have traveled the famed Golden Circle route and stopped at the main sights, few take advantage of all the incredible sights that can be found along the way.  The farmlands and agriculture we pass through are an integral part of Icelands past and present, so the journey we take is not just a road to get from one sight to the next.


During our journey, we'll visit Kerid volcanic crater, a 3,000 year old caldera filled with a stunning lake which is a window on the water table, where expansive views and striking blue water make for incredible photo opportunities.


Next up, we'll visit Fridheimar Greenhouse farm, where you'll see the latest in the country's horticultural engineering by making use of Icelands abundant geothermal energy and hot water. Here you can enjoy some unique treats, grown right on the property.

After that, we'll visit Geysir, where the land has been shaped for thousands of years by the oldest recorded geyser in the world.  In the area are a number of smaller pools and hot springs which bubble and spout hot water and then there is the most active geyser known as Strokkur which blasts off every few minutes and can reach up to 30 metres in height.


As we head even farther inland, more water awaits us at Gullfoss, a gorgeous waterfall on the Hvita river, where 140 cubic meters of water roar over the falls every second. This is one of Icelands largest waterfalls and arguably one of the most beautiful and picturesque.


Our return journey takes us on a different route, through dramatic mountain scenery to cap off the day with a stop at beautiful and historic Thingvellir National Park.  Here we see the site where the open-air Icelandic parliament was held, beginning in the Viking era in 930AD and continued right through to 1798 AD. 


Thingvellir is also the place where you can experience exciting geological features.  Tectonic movement which is still very active in Iceland today has left huge cracks and breaks in the landscape within the national Park, which clearly show the divide between the North American and Eurasian continental plates as they slowly drift apart.

For an additional 55USD we can provide a transfer for a 2 hour stop at Blue Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, or Fontana Lakefront Spa. Prior reservations are required ahead, as we do not include the admission.


Each stop will last between 15-45 mins.


Key Tour Details



max. 4 person

fully electric

doorstep pick-up

available all-year

Kerid Volcanic Crater
Fridheimar Greenhouse
Geysir Hot Spring
Gullfoss Falls
Thingvellir National Park
Entrance Fee's for national parks
Food; if not stated otherwise
Admission tickets

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