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Updated: Oct 18, 2023

On March 19, 2021 the valley of Geldingadalur (Gail-Ding-A-Dal-Ur) birthed the volcano named, Fagradalsfjall (Fog-rod-als-fe-yall). Iceland is famously known for being the country of fire & ice, and the ''fire'' describes the countries 130 active volcanoes. The Reykjanes Peninsula, which connects Reykjavik with Keflavik International Airport, is where this erupting volcano is located. Thousands of earthquakes shook the capital and nearby areas in the weeks leading up to the eruption. To date earthquakes are still occurring, and prior to the March 19 eruption there had been no activity in the area for around 6,000 years.

Hiking to this location can not only be a once in a lifetime experience, but also dangerous trek. Here is everything you need to know before making this exhilarating journey. WARNINGS: DO NOT WALK ON THE LAVA – Although you may assume the rock is cooled, there could be more than 1.000°C hot lava just beneath.

BE AWARE OF GAS POLLUTION- It is not visible and cannot be detected by scent. Gas can diffuse from a smoke cloud, and pollution levels can quickly rise. If you feel uneasy, get out of the area immediately. THIS TREK IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR- Pregnant women, children under 6 years old, or pets. Please be mindful of your own physical capabilities and limits. EQUIPMENT NEEDED:

  • Wear waterproof clothing and shoes, and layer up because you won't be able to stay in one temperature for long. Weather conditions change drastically in this area.

  • Walking sticks, are optional, but the trek can be difficult in some areas and these are helpful to have.

  • Headlamp and reflective clothing for evening or night hikes

  • Snacks and drinks to refuel are highly recommended


The trails begin on route 427, approximately 10 minutes east of Grindavík. Parking beside the road is prohibited; only parking lots are permitted.

  • Google Mas Directions to Geldingdalur

  • Routes A, B, C

  • Route Trek difficulty - A (Hard) , B (Hard) , C (Medium)

WHERE TO PARK: is a highly recommend website to monitor or to follow on their social media accounts. This resource will help you stay aware of what routes are open and what alert warnings have been issued as this is a dangerous, area that needs to be taken seriously.


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