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Private Snaefellsnes Peninsula
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Private Southern Iceland 

Starting in Reykjavik, we take the world-famous Ring Road to the east along the south coast of Iceland on an adventure lasting around 10 hours, to visit some of the most beautiful locations of the region.

Did you know that Konrad Tours is Iceland's first tour operator to use only electric vehicles?

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Starting with pick up in Reykjavik, we set off to cover the south shore section of the world-famous Ring Road, where we visit some of the most beautiful locations to be found in the south of Iceland.


This sparsely populated region is home to some of the most incredible sites in Iceland. Dramatic waterfalls, black sand beaches, basalt sea stacks, ice-caps and glaciers, along with fairy tale landscapes and jagged sea cliffs make this day a feast for the eyes and a photographers dream!  This is also a region where the summer months between May and August offer the opportunity to see many species of nesting birds in the verdant green fields and also puffins. These cute, brightly coloured birds which come in summer to nest on the sea cliffs.


After leaving Reykjavik, we drive over the nearby mountain range and across open farmland, heading east for around 1 hour 30 minutes until we reach the first of our places of interest and where the scenery becomes mountainous and even more beautiful.  


From here on, our drives are short as we hop between the sights and spend most of the day visiting a variety of amazing sights which just happen to be all in one small region of the south.

Our first stop takes us to Seljalandsfoss waterfall.  This thin stream of  glacial water roars 60 metres over a mossy cliff and cascades with surprising force into the pool below.  (During the summer months, you'll be able to hike behind the falls!  But in winter is too dangerous due to ice.) 


Our next stop is at another gorgeous waterfall, Skogafoss. This one is also around 60 metres high but wider, at 25 metres, as it plunges into a wide canyon and hits the river below with a force that shoots spray out across the valley and onto the grasslands.  On sunny days a rainbow can often be seen in the spray from the falls and if you’re lucky, maybe even a double rainbow offering a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity!


After the waterfall, we head a little farther east to Solheimajokull Glacier.  This glacial tongue cascades down the valley from the Myrdalsjokull Ice-cap and is always on the move causing the end of the ice to slowly break and melt into a lagoon.  From the car park, we take a short walk of around 40 minutes to reach the edge of the ice and learn about glaciology, its formation and importance to the ecosystem.  The black sand and gravel, eroded cliffs and ice formations with crevasses give the landscape a surreal and menacing beauty.


Our next stop takes us to Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, with its striking cliffs, black sand, and massive basalt stacks. On many days, there are stormy seas and huge breakers crashing onto the beach and adding to the drama of this wild and wonderful landscape. 

During the summer months, there are Puffins nesting along the cliffs, flying back and forth to catch fish and feed their young, although on some days they decide to hide in their burrows, so it’s not always guaranteed that you will see them. 


Just offshore, you'll see Reynisdrangar Sea Stacks towering 66 meters out of the sea. These will be visible again from a different angle when we arrive in the village of Vík, with its iconic Vikurkirkja church and stunning views.  Vik is the place where we can take a break for refreshments and is often used a stop for lunch.


On our return journey, weather and time permitting, we may detour out onto Dyrholaey, a dramatic headland of black beaches and basalt cliffs, where we have another chance to possibly see nesting Puffins.


Each stop will last between 15-45 mins.

Key Tour Details



max. 4 person

fully electric

doorstep pick-up

available all-year

Seljalandsfoss Falls
Skogafoss Falls
Solheimajökull Glacier
Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach
Village of Vík
Entrance Fee's for national parks
Food; if not stated otherwise
Admission tickets

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